Antarctic Peninsula - Photographer Jim Harris
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Photo Highlights 2010


Getting warm and toasty in SLC and thoughts of winter are melting away fast. There is still one ski project on tap for later this month if the weather behaves. Pretty much time for this wonderful and strange season to…

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The Revelations Revealed

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I first heard about the Revelation Mountains while reading a book on climbing in Alaska. For some reason they just stuck in my head as a place I wanted to visit. Maybe it was my Religious upbringing and the mystery…

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6 weeks in AK!

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Just returned from my longest visit to the endless mountains of Alaska. I drove up on the first of April and returned last weekend. I’m still sorting gear, pics and catching up, but I’ll post some trip reports soon. For…

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Northwest Couloir of the Pfiefferhorn


Too much time spent staring at the Pfiefferhorn and the mind does wander. Before ticking of PLINKO a few weeks ago, I was interested in this little ramp variation that would skirt around the standard rappel route. So Jim Harris…

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Steep Camp

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Sorry for the posting drought! It’s been my goal to add something of interest once a week, but that hasn’t been easy this winter. The thin and scary snowpack has made it difficult to safely attempt much. The tick list…

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doing it at night


The idea of skiing at night with lights first started when mad scientist, Andy Rosenberg purchased a high powered mtn bike light for use on dawn patrols. After working in the office all day I borrowed it for an evening…

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mountain hardwear


I’ve been ‘living the dream’ for some time now. For me, that means existing simply and doing what I want to do with my time, my imagination and my skis. It appears there are those who like what I do…